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Designate a single contact person and implement accountability
Dekun designates a customer service representative for each customer, who is responsible for handling all logistics related matters for the customer.

Employees have rich knowledge and are familiar with business operations
The team members are professional and sincere, working closely with each client and recommending suitable solutions to save time, control costs, and complete tasks on schedule.

One stop integrated service
Implement end-to-end integrated supply chain solutions to create value and deliver measurable results for every customer.

Provide flexible solutions
Although it is an emerging freight forwarding enterprise, it can still make rapid adjustments based on changes in customers' products, operations, and logistics needs, and provide customized solutions.

economy of scale
The business volume is developing rapidly, with the ability to reach favorable freight agreements with carriers and contractors, and transfer the saved costs to customers.

Henan Dekun Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd
Tel: 86-0371-61175770
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