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Sales Manager [Zhengzhou] [Recruiting 2 people]

Job responsibilities:
1. Developing foreign trade enterprises or individuals with import and export needs as customers;
2. Select appropriate transportation channels for the shipper based on their cargo situation;
3. Provide quotes for customers and remind them of shipping precautions;
4. Track the information of goods in transit and provide timely feedback to customers;
5. Prepare bills and collect shipping fees;
Job requirements:
1. International trade and logistics majors are preferred;
2. Good communication and language expression skills
3. Have the courage to take on work responsibilities, have a strong sense of responsibility, have a good sense of professionalism, and a strong sense of service
4. Practitioners with relevant experience are preferred;

English sales [recruitment number of 4 people]

Job Information:
1. Responsible for promoting high-quality routes and quotations to domestic and foreign peers, factories, trading companies, and other companies through instant communication tools such as phone, email, WeChat, QQ, etc. Developing customers (for railway transportation in markets such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Outer Mongolia, etc.)
2. Regularly or irregularly visit, maintain old customers, and develop new customers. Provide advantageous routes and transportation solutions for customers.
3. Participate in exhibitions and forums, obtain potential customer resources, promote the company's image, and let more colleagues and direct customers know our company.
4. Utilize effective platforms to promote the company and its advantageous routes, and enhance the company's visibility.
5. Teamwork and strive to achieve personal and company goals.
6. Handle company documents related to English and communicate with foreign clients.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, with 1 year of experience in freight forwarding sales is preferred.
2. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
3. Able to accurately edit work related emails and read relevant English documents.
4. Understand the international freight forwarding (international railway transportation) industry (mainly developing clients in five Central Asian countries and Russia). Understand the basic knowledge of the industry and have a sense of service. It is better to have certain network resources or strong team building skills.
5. No gender limit; Proficient in operating commonly used office software on computers.
6. Strong learning ability, strong motivation, and strong communication and coordination skills.
7. Good psychological quality and sense of responsibility, flexible mind, clear thinking, energetic, and strong language expression ability.
8. Strong team spirit and sense of responsibility, with good professional ethics.

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