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Custom Clearance

import clearance

Customs clearance, also known as customs clearance, refers to the declaration of import and export goods and transshipment goods entering or exporting a country's customs or border, and the handling of various procedures stipulated by customs and commodity inspection. Import customs clearance includes two parts: import inspection and import customs declaration.
There are certain deviations in the import declaration process at each port, and these objective factors determine the diversity of import declarations for companies of different nature, products, ports, and declaration methods.
We can provide customers with professional import customs clearance services for various products from East China, South China, North China, and Southwest regions.

Import inspection

The object of import inspection and quarantine is the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department. Inspection declaration precedes customs declaration. Only after the inspection by the commodity inspection department and the issuance of the entry goods clearance form, can customs accept the customs declaration application. The inspection methods for inbound goods are usually divided into three categories: general inspection for inbound goods, inspection for inbound flow, and inspection for goods from other places. Goods that apply for general inspection for entry usually have their customs clearance and destination in the same jurisdiction; The customs clearance and destination of goods applying for entry flow inspection and remote inspection belong to different jurisdictions.

General import inspection declaration

Our company acts as an agent for the import of legally inspected goods, holds customs documents and applies to the inspection and quarantine agency at the customs declaration location for inspection and quarantine of incoming goods to obtain entry clearance clearance certificates, and obtains legal certificates for the sale and use of incoming goods for inspection. For general entry inspection and quarantine services, the issuance of the "Entry Goods Clearance Form" (three copies) and the inspection and quarantine of the goods are completed by the inspection and quarantine agency at the customs declaration location. After completing the clearance procedures, our company will actively contact the inspection and quarantine agency to implement the inspection and quarantine work.

Entry flow inspection application

The so-called entry flow inspection application, also known as port clearance for inspection and quarantine to another place. It refers to our company acting as an agent for importing legally inspected goods, holding customs certificates to apply for inspection to the port inspection and quarantine agency at the unloading port, obtaining the "Entry Goods Clearance Form" and clearing customs. After the entry port inspection and quarantine agency conducts necessary quarantine treatment, the goods are transferred to the destination and then inspected and quarantined by the destination inspection and quarantine agency. The customs clearance and destination of goods applying for entry flow inspection belong to different jurisdictions.

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