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What are the advantages of choosing a maritime logistics company?

With the continuous development of e-commerce, many companies and various enterprises need maritime logistics companies. Sea freight is ocean transportation, commonly known as ship transportation by water, and international sea freight is also the most important mode of transportation in international logistics. It is a transportation method for ships to transport goods between ports in different and different regions through sea lanes, which is also a common transportation method for maritime logistics companies.
In China, about 90% of the total amount of imported and exported freight is completed by sea transportation. Ocean transportation logistics plays a major role in international trade, and the reason for this is because ocean transportation has advantages in logistics transportation.

What are the advantages of choosing a maritime logistics company?
What are the advantages of choosing a maritime logistics company?
1. Large capacity. Ocean transportation is generally a large volume of goods that can be transported in one go without the need for a second return voyage.
2. Low cost. The cost of sea freight is relatively low compared to other modes of transportation and has a high cost-effectiveness.
3. The waterway extends in all directions. The routes on sea transportation are all interconnected, and multiple regions can be accessed in all directions, saving time and effort.
Maritime logistics companies account for two-thirds of the international shipping industry, with a wide range of transportation types. Along the professional service process, one-on-one professional services are provided, with orderly batch warehousing of goods, inspection and arrangement of goods before shipment, and arrangement of pick-up and distribution after arrival. These processes are all professional and rigorous operational processes of maritime logistics companies.

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