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The Development of Logistics in the Philippines

At present, the Philippines is one of the emerging markets in developing and emerging industries and the world, but the gap between rich and poor is a bit large. With the continuous development of logistics in the Philippines, there have gradually been air transportation and road passenger transportation. Among them, the freight volume of Philippine logistics accounts for 65% of the transportation freight volume, with a total length of over 3000 kilometers of waterway transportation. There are hundreds of ports of various sizes, including Manila and Cebu.
Import licenses are also indispensable in logistics transportation, and the products that require import licenses mainly include sedans, tractors, gasoline engines, and other health and safety related products. There are also some restricted imports and exports that require prior approval from the central bank. Because these types of products are not basic products, they are all divided into two categories, namely non basic consumer goods and unclassified consumption.
Among them, the Philippines will auction the goods that have not been declared to the Philippine Customs for entry within five days, and the goods that have not been picked up from the customs bonded warehouse one year later.
The above is some of the development of logistics in the Philippines, as well as the precautions that Philippine logistics needs to pay attention to during transportation. The condition for issuing RC is for the importer to pay customs duties, taxes, and comply with other regulations.

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