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How International Logistics Companies "Transfer" to the UK

In recent years, an increasing number of goods have been transported out of China through international logistics companies, which has become a trend. However, it is understandable that many things manufactured in China are not only cost-effective, but also more in line with people's usage habits. There are "make in China" labels everywhere in foreign countries. So how do international logistics companies transport our goods to the UK after placing orders in China
Currently, international logistics companies mainly use three modes of transportation from China to the UK: air, air+land, and sea.
1: Air freight
International logistics companies need about 4 days to transport packages to the UK, which is suitable for sending urgent small and light items such as documents. Air freight is the most expensive, but also the fastest.
2: Air freight+land and water transportation
Firstly, choose air freight to transport packages from China to the UK, and then choose water or rail transportation from the UK. This transportation method can take approximately 10-20 days to complete, with high cost-effectiveness.
3: Sea freight
The entire journey from China to the UK is via sea, and after the package arrives in the UK, it is transported by water or rail. This transportation method has lower prices and can take up to 1 to 3 months, making it suitable for large packages that do not require expedited delivery.
The above transportation time is the ideal estimated time for international logistics companies, but the international express delivery speed from China to the UK may be affected by international emergencies, logistics methods, seasons, and even package size, which will have a certain impact on the transportation speed of international logistics companies. Everyone can choose the most suitable transportation method according to their own arrangements.

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