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What kind of goods can I choose from a sea freight logistics dedicated line? How long will it take by sea?

There are many channels for international express delivery, including air freight, sea freight, and a combination of air land and sea freight. We usually use air freight the most, but there are also many cases where sea freight logistics lines are used. The maritime logistics dedicated line also has dedicated freight channels. Under what circumstances do we usually use sea freight? What kind of goods are more suitable for sea freight logistics dedicated lines? Let's talk about this issue.
1. Large cargo
The pricing of international express delivery usually increases with the weight of the goods, but when the weight reaches a certain limit, there will be a larger price, which is cheaper because the goods are heavier, and other express delivery methods may have more costs. In this case, we can choose sea freight logistics dedicated lines to save costs. For example, some overseas moving and industrial heavy goods are often transported by sea. The most important thing is to save costs, but if the goods are urgent, it is still not recommended to use sea freight logistics lines.
2. Goods with non urgent time limit
Sometimes when we send something, it's not urgent at all and it may take a long time to use. In this case, it's better to use a sea freight logistics line because in an unlimited time, sea freight logistics lines are the cheapest and can save shipping costs to the greatest extent possible. In addition, sea freight logistics dedicated lines can transport sensitive goods such as food and cosmetics. In summary, we suggest shipping some non urgent goods.
3. Container cargo
Some industrial products, such as tires and plastics, are usually packaged in containers. If it is air freight, it is not easy to transport due to its large volume. Therefore, some factory freight and raw material sea freight logistics lines are more suitable.

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